First of all thanks for testing this prototype.

RGB is a platform game inspired by N ++ with a simple mechanic, you can only touch the platforms of the color that you are.

As its name says, there are 3 colors that you will have to watch out for:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue

Your goal is to find the white door.

Your control is simple, you move with "A" and "D" and jump with the space bar (if you leave it pressed you will jump more), you can also walljump if the color allows it.

The colored points will transform you into the color of the one they are.

Platforms allow you to stand on them if color is the same.

Finally, the triangles that are the same color as your character will let you pass through them as if it were a door.

I hope you like the concept of this game mechanic. I invite you to comment on your opinion.

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